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Xu Hướng 10/2023 # This Spring, Head To These 5 Places To Be Smitten By The Spring Colours In Kashmir # Top 10 Xem Nhiều

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“If I have borne the harshness of winter with you ,

I do deserve the fragrance of your spring.”

The spring is the metaphorical reminder of life itself, astonishingly beautiful yet fleeting. In Kashmir, if the autumn is about the blushing chinars; winter ,a fairyland draped in the white, then pink almond blossoms is surely the melody of spring in the valley .

Spring season is called ‘Sonth’ in Kashmiri, starts from mid March and ends in mid May. In this season the valley is vivid again and the breathtaking views are the manifestation of colours infused in consuming hill topography. The season gives much deserved new life and fragrance to the trees, revive the greenery and bring a pleasant joy in the air .

Kashmir is full of gardens, umpteen such trees which becomes a blooming fest for the tourists in this season but to enjoy this seasons in its true essence, I have these five places are must and you can get yourself soaked in spring here.

1. Tulip Garden, Srinagar

Set against the foothills of the Zabarwan Range on the banks of Dal lake and spread over an area of 80 acres ,the Indra Gandhi Tulip Garden (largest Tulip garden in Asia) with almost 15-20 lakh flowers in more than 65 varieties becomes a must visit place in this season.

These tulips bloom only for a short period of time, consequently it sees a huge footfall of tourists as well as of locals. The tourism department also hosts an Annual tulip festival here, which includes many things like music, food, handicrafts, shopping etc.

2. Badamwari Bagh, Srinagar

If you aren’t been able to witness the famous cherry blossoms of Japan, fear not ,you can get these visuals here in Badamwari. A garden located at the foothills of Kochi-Maraan mountain on 300 kanals of land and has more than a 1000 almond trees.

The flower bloom inside this garden at Shahr-e-khaas heralds the arrival of spring in Kashmir, bidding farewell to the harsh winters. The pink and white flowers on these almond trees are no less than a floral wonderland. This can rightly be called Japanese cherry blossom in India as the number of trees is enormous and presents a visual treat .

3. Pampore mustard fields

Pampore about 12kms from Srinagar is globally known for saffron production but if you are here in the spring season, be prepared to be greeted by the vast and vibrant yellow fields of mustard with abundance of peach trees in bloom.

This Pampore plateau is also known for its wild tulips and in the recent years this place has gained much popularity among the tourists and has become every photographer’s favourite destination for the spring season.

4. Pulwama

It’s about 30Kms from the main city of Srinagar. Like Pampore, this place is blessed with endless mustard fields and the clear blue sky with snow clad mountain range forms the perfect background for a visual treat.

But there is a surprise, if you go inside from the highway, you will find thousands of almond trees lining together, the trees are more than 2000 in numbers and I am sure there isn’t any such kind of bloom of this magnitude as one can witness here but problem is not much is known about this place and it literally isn’t possible to find it without a local with you

5. Kashmir Arts Emporium, Srinagar

I feel myself so blessed to find this place in this season. I was travelling on the flyover near by when I first saw this place and thousand little white flowers blooming on the green grass and the beautiful building behind it .It actually is an art gallery but it’s park is so beautiful with these little flowers.

Huge chinar trees, empty benches, there just is too much poetry around this place, provided you find it empty. If you can, you should pay a visit to this to get more of this spring season and engrave it in your memory.

Kashmir is an all season destination where every season comes with a different colour and a different vibe. If you truly wish to witness heaven on Earth, explore it in all its seasons and if that isn’t possible, don’t miss the spring at least.

By Nargis Farheena (Tripoto)

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Từ khoá: This Spring, Head to These 5 Places to Be Smitten by the Spring Colours in Kashmir

Guests Reveal How To Enjoy 48 Hours In Hanoi: The First Thing Is To ‘Get Lost’ In The Old Quarter

Hanoi is an interesting tourist destination and is chosen by many foreign tourists when coming to Vietnam. Recently, CNN (USA) has just announced a list of the 12 best places in the world to visit in the fall, including Hanoi.

Culture Trip’s author Piumi Rajapaksha has a detailed article suggesting experiences to try in 2 days in this city.

At the beginning of the article, she affirmed that the best way to “get acquainted” with Hanoi is to take a walk in the old quarter. It is the historical and commercial center of the capital and has a history of more than 1000 years. The Old Quarter is divided into many alleys, so “it’s best to let yourself get lost in the old town, just go to the places you think are interesting.”

According to the author, the most suitable time to explore the Old Quarter is early in the morning, when Hanoi people have just woke up and are preparing for work for a new working day: cleaning the streets, exercising. , setting up a restaurant, taking children to school, having breakfast and drinking coffee on the sidewalk, going to the market to buy things, …

Buy a “Vietnamese standard” sandwich, can drink more iced milk coffee, visitors will really enjoy the atmosphere of the capital.

Ảnh: Scott Pocock / Culture Trip

Go shopping at Dong Xuan market

In Hanoi, you will really need to go shopping. “Your travel bag will become very heavy if you buy all the jewelry, small, eye-catching souvenirs here. Go with a friend who is not impulsive in shopping to have a good time. you can visit all the floors in the market without ‘out of pocket’.”

Visitors can even find food in the market. So, if the bread is not enough, eat more pho.

Photo: Sina Abasnejad / Culture Trip

Visiting tourist attractions

Photo: Sina Abasnejad / Culture Trip

“And remember, come back to Hoan Kiem Lake when the sun is about to set. The lake is right next to the old town and is a great place at night. Here, visitors will witness the daily life of the people. local,” said the Cuture Trip website.

Photo: Sina Abasnejad / Culture Trip

Summary of must-try dishes


This is a light dish. The cake is made from thinly coated steamed rice flour, with minced meat filling inside. The taste of this dish is extremely simple, but what makes the dish special is the dipping sauce, herbs and dried onions.

Photo: Sina Abasnejad / Culture Trip

Pho and egg coffee

These are two dishes that are always on the list of “must-try dishes in Hanoi” of visitors to this city.

Culture Trip writer suggests, especially with egg coffee, ask the bartender the story behind this special cup of coffee. There is nothing more exciting than the feeling of listening to a good story while sipping a cup of coffee that is bubbling, delicious and greasy.

Photo: Vu Pham Van / Culture Trip

Bun cha

This delicious grilled pork vermicelli has become even more famous among foreign tourists after former US President Barack Obama chose it as a dish to try when coming to Vietnam.

Back to the old town on the last night

At the end of his article on the suggestion of a 48-hour experience in Hanoi, the author said: “And on your last night in Hanoi, return to the old town the same way you started this journey. Here, you can buy some souvenirs and enjoy a drink at the beer corner. Beer in Vietnam is very popular among foreign tourists and is considered by many to be the “cheapest beer in the world” world.” Well worth a try.

Ảnh: Scott Pocock / Culture Trip

Đăng bởi: Thảo Nguyễn

Từ khoá: Guests reveal how to enjoy 48 hours in Hanoi: The first thing is to ‘get lost’ in the Old Quarter

Countless Reasons To Prepare Warm Clothes So As Not To Miss The Weather And Fruit Season Of Dalat At The End Of This Year

Every season, Da Lat will put on a new shirt that makes people always want to visit this city. The time from October to the end of the year is probably the most beautiful moment of Da Lat for many people. Because this is the time when the weather changes from late autumn to winter, the cool breeze of the wind crept through the alleys, mountains and forests. Towards the end of the year, the cold often peaks, making people have to equip all kinds of accessories to “fight the cold”. And also in this season, wild sunflowers begin to dye the streets yellow, pink grass in the hills and ripe persimmons in the gardens.

The season of ripe red roses 

Persimmon is a specialty that many people “hunt” in Da Lat, when the ripe persimmon season has arrived, you will see along the markets and streets in the city everywhere selling this delicious fruit. During these months, the persimmon trees will lose their leaves, leaving only the crimson persimmons on the branches. The rose gardens are now also fully open for visitors to take pictures with ripe persimmon trees. The harmonious combination of nature and scenery here will help visitors to take poetic photos but also enjoy the specialties of the dream city. After taking pictures, you can buy roses at the garden as a gift for your loved ones after the trip.

Where to pick persimmons in Da Lat:

Cau Dat Garden: Truong Tho village, Tram Hanh commune, City. Da Lat

Tom’s Rose Garden: Highway 20, Xuan Truong, Da Lat

Moc Tra Farm: 012/1 Dat Lang Street, Xuan Truong, City. Da Lat

Mama Dala: Crab 13, Da Tho village, Xuan Tho commune, City. Da Lat

The season of yellow wild sunflowers

The place to stop to see flowers in Da Lat:


Da lat university

Around Cam Ly Airport

Train Tunnel at Highway 20

Ta Nung Pass Road

The road to Golden Stream Lake

Dreamy pink grass hill 

Only once a year, visitors have the opportunity to take a few photos of this immense, endless pink grass hill. At the end of the year, when it gets colder, the grasses bloom again, covering the hills in the city. To see this beautiful grass hill, visitors often have to go a little far, out of the city center and up the large hills and slopes to admire the gentle beauty of the grass. Many people mistakenly think that the snow grass hill and the pink grass hill are two different types of grass, but the snow grass hill is the shape of the pink grass hill in the early morning when the dew drops on the leaves become a color of snow.

Shooting camera fires at locations:

Lavender area of ​​Tuyen Lam lake

Hon Bo Hill

Rose Grass Hill Golden Valley

The weather “pleases” cold-loving people

Starting from this month, it has become cold in Da Lat, so if you intend to travel to Dalat on these days, you must prepare carefully warm clothes to adapt to the cold of the mountains. Not only that, the specialties of the months of October, November, and December are fog and clouds so dense that even standing in the city can see dew. The chance for you to stand on a high hill and catch the “sea of ​​clouds” at the end of the year is huge, so don’t miss Da Lat these days!

Photo: Uyen Trinh, Mei Luong

Đăng bởi: Trương Phượng

Từ khoá: Countless reasons to prepare warm clothes so as not to miss the weather and fruit season of Dalat at the end of this year

2023] 4 Ways To Write The Date In French

1Learn the names of the months. The French names are written above in italic, with the French pronunciation following in parentheses.[1] X Research source An (n) in parentheses represents a nasalized “n.”

January: janvier (zhah(n)-vyay)

February: février (fay-vree-yay)

March: mars (mahrs)

April: avril (ah-vreel)

May: mai (meh)

June: juin (zhwa(n))

July: juillet (zhwee-eh)

August: août (oot)

September: septembre (sehp-tah(n)br)

October: octobre (ohk-tohbr)

November: novembre (noh-vah(n)br)

December: décembre (day-sah(n)br)

2Learn how to write the date. In French, the date is written in “day month year” order, with no commas separating each term. Note that the month is not capitalized. Here are a couple examples (plus the abbreviated version):

4 août 1789 (4/8/1789)

15 mars 2023 (15/3/2023)


3Say the date out loud. To read the date out loud, add le to the beginning of the date, and read all dates as cardinal numbers (“five” instead of “fifth”).[2] X Research source Here are the previous examples written as you would say them. Study how to count in French if you are not familiar with reading French numbers:

“le quatre août mille sept cent quatre-vingt-neuf”

“le quinze mars deux mille quatorze”

Every month is a masculine noun, so the article used is always le.

4Learn the exception for the first of the month. When talking about the first day of the month, use “1er” in writing, and say “premier” when speaking aloud. This is the only date that uses ordinal numbers (“first”) instead of cardinal (“one”). For example:[3] X Research source

1er avril (1/4), spoken “le premier avril”

Writing and Pronouncing the Days of the Week

1Learn the days of the week. Refer to the list above to learn the days of the week in French, along with how they are pronounced.[4] X Research source Note that the days of the week are not capitalized in French.

Monday: lundi (luh(n)-dee)

Tuesday: mardi (mahr-dee)

Wednesday: mercredi (mehr-kruh-dee)

Thursday: jeudi (zhuh-dee)

Friday: vendredi (vah(n)-druh-dee)

Saturday: samedi (sahm-dee)

Sunday: dimanche (dee-mah(n)sh)

2Write and pronounce the date, including the day of the week. This is identical to writing the date, with the day of the week added to the front of the phrase. Here’s an example:[5] X Research source

English: Wednesday, the 5th of June

French (written): mercredi, le 5 juin 2001 (formal)

French (written): mercredi 5 juin 2001 (normal)

French (spoken): mercredi cinq juin deux mille un

French (spoken): le mercredi cinq juin deux mille un (eventually if you want to describe a precise day)

3Know when to use articles. Every day of the week is a masculine noun, so the article le is used. For example, “Le samedi est le sixième jour.” means “Saturday is the sixth day.” However, when you are talking about an event that occurred on a specific day, know the difference between le samedi and samedi:[6] X Research source

Samedi, je dîne au restaurant. = On Saturday, I dine at a restaurant. (A single event.)

Le samedi, je dîne au restaurant. = Every Saturday, I dine at a restaurant. (A repeated event.)

2Ask for the day of the week. To ask for the day of the week, say Quel jour sommes-nous aujourd’hui? or Quel jour est-on aujourd’hui?[8] X Research source

3State today’s date in a sentence. If someone asks you one of the above questions, be prepared to answer:[9] X Research source

To answer with “Today is Monday, November 15th,” write Aujourd’hui, c’est le lundi 15 novembre.

To answer “Today is Sunday,” say Aujourd’hui, c’est dimanche. or simply C’est dimanche.

4Use the preposition en. Use this word to write “in July” (en juillet), “in 1950” (en 1950), “in April 2011” (en avril 2011), and so forth.[10] X Research source This phrase can go at the front or the end of a sentence. For example:

J’ai un rendez-vous chez le médecin en mars. = I have an appointment with the doctor in March.

J’ai vécu à Paris en 1990. = I lived in Paris in 1990.

Community Q&A

QuestionIs 05/08/17 August 5, 2023?Community AnswerYes. As the article says, the date is written in “day month year” order.

QuestionHow can I make my keyboard French?Community AnswerGo to the language settings of your computer and choose “French.” Your keyboard should then have an option to change it to French.

QuestionHow do ask, “What is today’s date?”Dodo47Top AnswererYou can say “Quelle est la date d’aujourd’hui ?” (What’s today’s date?) Or more common: “On est quel jour aujourd’hui ?”


Top 30 Things To Do In Ho Chi Minh City: The Ultimate Guide To Saigon

Photo by Tony Pham / Unsplash

Ho Chi Minh city or Saigon always impresses travelers with its bustling atmosphere, making it easy to get lost in the “Pearl of the Orient,” as the French colonialists had said. However, Saigon doesn’t only have modern beauty; it also has historical and natural significance. Therefore, we recommend you experience what locals live to do and eat, embrace all the traits the city has to offer. Below are 30 things to do in Ho Chi Minh city for your journey to Vietnam’s southern capital.

Take a walking tour around the city.

District 1 offers you the rare beauty of Ho Chi Minh Instagram @ice.chatthita

Nevertheless, traffic congestion in peak hours might raise some difficulties, so cars are not recommended. Instead, for ride-sharing apps’ users, you should book a motorbike to move quicker and easier. It’s also safer than driving yourself, especially since the traffic in the city can be overwhelming.

1. Notre Dame Cathedral – The one remaining stronghold of Catholicism

Notre-Dame Cathedral Saigon, also known as Duc Ba Cathedral, is one of Vietnam tourism’s famous architectural landmarks and features. Its architecture is based solely on Notre-Dame de Paris. With a height of 57.6 meters, its bell towers are the highest ones in Vietnam. Only on Christmas Eve will all the bells ring together, a sound you can hear from 10km away.

Instagram @anna_lingva

2. Ho Chi Minh Central Post Office – The beautifully preserved remnant of French colonial times

The French built Ho Chi Minh Central Post Office from 1886 to 1891 under the architect Villedieu with an assistant named Foulhoux. They combined European style with Asian decor for the building. In particular, the building has large circular arches at the entrance and along with the ceiling. In addition, their tables depict well-known French historical figures such as Laplace, Voltaire, Arage, Gay-Lvssac, at the front of the post office.

Instagram @siupauo

3. Turtle Lake – An artificial lake famous for its architecture

From the Notre Dame Cathedral, across two more intersections, you will see Turtle Lake Instagram @pikay95

Ho Con Tortoise is a folk name for an artificial fountain located on three streets: Vo Van Tan, Pham Ngoc Thach, and Tran Cao Van. Its official name is International Square, and it’s become one of the most active eating places from morning to night, with many coffee shops and restaurants around.

4. Ben Thanh market – The symbol of Ho Chi Minh City

People often consider Ben Thanh market as the unofficial symbol of Saigon. You can find almost anything here, including souvenirs, trinkets, clothes, hats, coffee, coffee filters, tea, shoes, purses, snacks, fresh fruit, art, dodgy electronics, toys, jewelry, nodding cats figures, and then some. So if you want to buy something, you must know how to haggle.

5. Bui Vien Street – The path for youth

It’s like the Khao San of Saigon Instagram @spikebong.

6. War remnants museum – The best exhibit of the Vietnam War

War Remnants Museum features American atrocities, highlighting the horrors of war. As graphic and confronting as it can be, the museum provides visitors with the most accurate picture of the pain war victims suffer, even to this day.

7. Independence Palace: The former home of South Vietnam President

Independence Palace is also known as the Reunification Palace or the Unification Hall Instagram @thatkaradactyl

It is located on an area of 12 hectares in the center of Ho Chi Minh city. Along with its historical meaning, Independence Place remains the harmonious combination between modern Western and classical Eastern architecture.

Indulge yourself in a day trip

Focus on things to do in Ho Chi Minh is a must, but don’t forget about the suburban districts and the nearby provinces.

8. Cao Dai Temple – Explore the most mysterious religion in Vietnam

The Caodaism religion is seated in the Hoa Thanh district of Tay Ninh province, about 90 kilometers northwest of Ho Chi Minh City and approximately 55 kilometers of the Cu Chi tunnels. Cao Dai Temple or Cao Dai Holy See in 1933 in a unique architectural style that reflects its blended traditions.

The three principal colors of Cao Dai are yellow (for Buddhism), blue (for Taoism), and red (for Christianity) Instagram @lonelyplanetmagazineindia

9. Cu Chi Tunnels – The true face of warfare

Be one of the bravest explorers who can conquer the bizarre tunnels in only 15 min! Instagram @inspitrip

Cu Chi, one of the war remnants museums, is located about 70km from the center of Ho Chi Minh city. It is famously known as an underground network built by Viet Cong soldiers to serve secret operations against the American army. Visiting Cu Chi Tunnels should be on your list of things to do in Ho Chi Minh city.

10. Mekong Delta – The ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam

Explore the non-touristy Mekong delta with Inspitrip and find out how people in this tropical land go about their life. Instagram @inspitrip

People usually address The Mekong Delta as Cuu Long – Nine Dragons, thanks to the nine tributaries marking the end of the great Mekong River.  Mekong Delta constitutes a mere 13% of the overall area of Vietnam but is astoundingly responsible for more than half the annual rice produced. Taking a trip along the Mekong Delta is an unforgettable experience that will show you a snapshot of the Mekong people’s lives.

Fill your tummy with yummy Saigon food

One of the best ways to get a real taste of Vietnam is going to some authentic restaurants in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

11. Secret Garden Restaurant at 158 Bis/40-41 Pasteur, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

Secret Garden Restaurant is on an apartment rooftop, serving various traditionally rural dishes. The atmosphere is really homely thanks to the Vietnamese old-style decoration. The recommended dishes are fried salted pork, fried catfish, and spring roll. The drinks here are contained in vintage-looking glass bottles and served with a cup of ice. Customers need to pay 10,000 VND for cooked rice and can eat it as much as they want.

Perfect view over the city @vietnamissime

12. Ngon Restaurant at 160 Pasteur, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

Ngon Restaurant is housed in a vintage French village. It is not air-conditioned but is always ventilated thanks to the fans creating a gentle breeze. In terms of local dishes, the menu is full of Vietnam’s signature foods of all regions such as Pho, spring rolls, Khot cake, Hue beef noodle, and so on. These dishes are accompanied by a plate of several kinds of vegetables, including different herbs and leaves that the Vietnamese usually have in their meals.

13. Chi Hoa Vietnamese Cuisine

Chi Hoa opens the kitchen to allow people to see the preparation of the food. The menu of Chi Hoa collects numerous common dish recipes from all regions of Vietnam. The most favorite dessert is Che Chi Hoa (Chi Hoa sweet soup), which includes three types of che in one plate, lotus seed sweet gruel, taro pudding with coconut gruel, and mixed fruits. Do not miss Saigon street food, your stomach will be easily satisfied with the hidden gems of locals.

14. Bánh tráng trộn (Rice paper salad)

Saigon streets usually have vendors selling Rice paper salad. @2tastydays

This affordable dish is made with a few simple ingredients, including sliced rice paper, dried shrimp, sliced mango, quail eggs, peanuts, and herbs all stirred together. The combination of ingredients in the rice paper salad brings your pallet a wonderful mix of sour, salty, and spicy flavors, resulting in an explosive taste in your mouth.

15. Súp cua (Crab soup)

With about 10,000 – 20,000VND, you can buy a tasty bowl of crab soup. People cook crab soup with crab, chicken, quail eggs, mushroom, sweetcorn, herbs, adding some soy sauce and chili to spice up the flavor. Try it on a cool, windy, or rainy afternoon, you will find crab soup more delicious.

16. Bắp xào (Stir-fried corn)

Stir-fried corn usually has lots of corn stir-fried with butter, some dried shrimp and shrimp paste to spice it up, and topped with chili sauce and green onion. This infusion of different ingredients takes your tongue on a journey from sweet, to spicy and salty. Enjoy the dish as a snack for late afternoon, while fulfilling your list of things to do in Ho Chi Minh city.

17. Hủ tiếu gõ (Knocking noodle)

A typical bowl of knocking noodles will have white noodles, thin-sliced lean pork, fried onion, bean sprouts, chives, and crackling. This dish is not sold in the morning, is usually served in the afternoon till midnight, and is a highlight of Saigon cuisine since it’s delicious yet, affordable. It’s a very popular dish among the working class and students. You can also learn about Saigon’s unique culture through the city’s small cafes. Try a delicious cup of Saigon coffee is one of the best things to do in Ho Chi Minh city.

18. Apartment Cafe

Saigonese youth call Ly Tu Trong – Dong Khoi Apartment the “Vintage Mall”. It has cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants, fashion boutiques…

You can enjoy the unique venue with a cup of coffee. @changmi.90

19. “Sitting-Plump” Cafe

“Sitting-Plump” Cafe is an iconic coffee shop in Saigon. You can see students, workers, and even foreigners with a plastic cup of this cafe’s coffee in their hands along April 30th Park near the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon. The price of each cup is incredibly affordable, with one delicious brew costing around 10,000 VND. Their menu has various drinks for customers to choose including coffee and lemon tea.

20. Alley Cafe

One of the most Instagram-worthy of alley cafes in Saigon is VietGangz Brotherhood with enough unique decor. VietGangz Brotherhood is at 2/45 Cao Thang, District 3.

21. Saigon Retro Concept Cafe

Saigon has a number of cafes that channel the 1990s for their cool retro feel. Ut Lanh Cafe sits inside a 90s-style home, located at 283/37 Pham Ngu Lao, District 1. To fit with its vintage concept, the coffee shop doesn’t offer wifi. Those who go as far as to not use their cell phones even get a 5,000 VND discount, as well.

Say “cheer” in the best rooftop bars

One of the things to do in Ho Chi Minh city visits a rooftop bar to enjoy Saigon nightlife.

22. The Social Club & Pool Rooftop Bar on level 24 of building 76 on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street

The highlight of The Social Club is its pool which runs vertically, a mini version of the infamous SkyPark swimming pool in Singapore, so you will have the feeling of swimming in the air.

23. Shri Restaurant and Lounge on Level 23 of Centec Tower, 72-74 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street

Established in 2009, Shri is a place for people to enjoy luxury and unique designs at premium pricing. The cozy vibe is also ideal for a date night or firework gazing during the New Year celebrations.

24. Chill Sky Bar on level 26 and 27 of AB tower (Le Lai street)

Chill Sky Bar is not only famous for its astonishing city view but also the high-quality bartenders @evan.b_photograph.e_

They always serve highly customized cocktails to your preference. The slots at Chill Sky Bar quickly sell out during weekends and special occasions.

25. S.I.X

Provides a spacious layout, reasonable pricing and great customer service, S.I.X is becoming a favourite choice of locals to entertain, especially on the weekend.

Shopping like a local

Travelers usually list Ben Thanh market as the first destination for their shopping needs. But for shopaholics, we have plenty of others recommendations. One of the first things to do in Ho Chi Minh city is choosing where to buy the gifts in top local Saigon markets.

26. Binh Tay market

Binh Tay market is one of the largest in Ho Chi Minh City and is over 17,000 square meters in size. It is also home to more than 2,300 vendors selling a number of different products including fresh food, ingredients, fruits, textiles, home appliances, handicrafts and more. Because the market is a wholesale one, visitors will find that the products here are much more affordable than they would normally be.

27. Tan Dinh market

A stall in Tan Dinh [email protected]

Like many other markets, Tan Dinh market sells fresh ingredients, apparel, fruits and household products. Locals consider Tan Dinh the most prominent textile marketplace in the city with affordable pricing. Banh xeo, bun mam, crab soup, crab noodles, mixed fruits, chicken sticky rice dishes are all ones you should try.

28. An Dong market

An Dong market is famous for its fashion products as commercial vendors provide goods to countless fashion boutiques in the city. Several vendors sell authentic products by well-known brands, including Vera, Wacoal and more.

29. Sai Gon Square

Sai Gon Square is a heaven for shoppers with plenty of clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, tech gadgets and more. In addition to selling a plethora of items for affordable prices, the market is renowned for its international brands. Sai Gon Square is often referred to as an outlet where visitors can find the trendiest items that are somehow not found in stores.

30. Weekend flea markets

Weekend flea markets have only recently grown in popularity, and they have slowly become a favourite shopping destination amongst locals. Hundreds of vendors set up shop at these cool markets. The top flea markets you should not miss out on visiting are Roobik Zoo, The New District, Saigon flea market…The to-try list is in your hands! Now, take your backpack, find a local friend to explore of Ho Chi Minh city!

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Từ khoá: Top 30 things to do in Ho Chi Minh City: The ultimate guide to Saigon

Come To Shakyamuni Buddha In Vung Tau To See The ‘Super Huge Giant’ Buddha Statue

About Shakyamuni Buddha Dai Vung Tau

Located on the northern slope of Nui Lon, at 608 Tran Phu street, ward 5, Vung Tau city , Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, Thich Ca Phat Dai is a famous Buddhist relic of the South. Cardboard.

This work is the idea of ​​Mr. Le Quang Vinh – the governor of the French colonial period, but due to dissatisfaction with the regime, he resigned from the perspective of spiritual practice. The temple construction commencement ceremony was conducted on July 20, 1961 and inaugurated on March 10, 1963 after 19 months of construction.

The temple’s Buddhist architecture (Photo @shawolmeu)

Initially, the pagoda was named Thien Lam Tu , but because it was sculpted according to the story of the life of Buddha Shakyamuni, it was changed to ” Shakyamuni Buddha “.

In 1989, this temple architectural cluster was ranked as a National Monument by the Ministry of Culture and Information and many years passed, it is still considered an attractive pilgrimage tourist destination of Vung Tau.

Impressive architectural style of Shakyamuni Buddha    

Thich Ca Phat Dai relic population is about 28 hectares wide, located on the high terrain from 3 to 29 meters above sea level, including 3 main areas: Tam Quan and flower growing area; motels and traditional exhibition areas; Buddhist temples and clusters of Buddhist statues (Buddha relic area).

Triple gate

This is the first work that visitors see at Shakyamuni Buddha with 4 solid square pillars, mounted on top of 4 lotus flowers symbolizing the purity, purity and nobility of the Buddha.

In the middle of the gate is a large sign with the name of the pagoda in the national language, on the gate is placed a dharma symbol – the wheel of reincarnation in the Buddhist legal circle with 8 spokes symbolizing the Middle Way and 4 knobs. The outer ring represents the Four Noble Truths.

Outstanding architecture of the Three Guan Gate (Photo @phucnguyenhuynhdang)

In addition, the gate of the temple is also decorated with sophisticated and sophisticated motifs and is paved with prominent colorful porcelain pieces such as yellow, blue, red … so it’s always eye-catching even when viewed from far.

Relic stupa

This work is located right behind the gate of the Three Guan Gates, built in the middle of a 300-square-meter yard with a 17-meter-high octagon, to remember and commemorate the monk Le Quang Vinh – who has successfully founded Thich Ca Phat Dai pagoda. .

In addition, at the top of the tower is attached a stone lotus bud, inside there are 13 Buddha relics donated by Venerable Narada Maha Thera, and under 4 feet, there are 4 large peaks containing soil from 4 holy places of Buddha. The famous religion in India is the Forest Garden – billions – nuns – where he was born, Bodh Gaya – where he attained enlightenment, Deer Park – where he changed the wheel of dharma and the forest of Sala lived – where he passed into nirvana, so extremely sacred.

Statue garden (Buddha relic)

The sacred relic stupa (Photo @ dothu290509)

This is the most special area at the pagoda, located at an altitude of 25m, with many impressive sculptures such as:

Statue of Golden Body of the Patriarch Buddha : re-enacting the image of Buddha Shakyamuni meditating in front of Bodhi roots when cultivating and attaining enlightenment, this is also the most prominent work and becomes a common name for the whole architectural cluster – Shakyamuni Phat Dai .

In which, the 5.1m high Buddha statue was built in place in the Colombo style in the full lotus position, the hands were placed on the thighs in the posture of catching the Sphinx, the first part was casted in Saigon and attached. On a sunny day, it is like the halo of Buddha. As for the base of the statue, ie the lotus station, it is built 7m high, bearing an octagonal shape representing the eight main paths and is cast with solid reinforced concrete.

The step of Thich Ca statue is the most prominent lotus stand in the temple (Photo @komolova_lu) Buddha’s birth statue : simulating the image of a boy standing on a lotus, one hand pointing to heaven, one hand pointing to the earth with the meaning of “between heaven and earth, only I am the highest”.A little boy pointing to the sky (Photo @ im.se77en)

Statue of Buddha renunciation : Prince Tat Dat Da image of Prince Tat Da Da getting down his hair 3.3m high with the servant Xa Nac in a kneeling position of 1.6m high and the white horse named Kien Trac 2.3m high.

Buddha statue of enlightenment : 11.6m high, placed on a concrete pedestal of 6m long and inside holds 3 precious Buddha relics.

Loc Jia Garden (Deer Garden) : where the statue of Buddha Shakyamuni sits on a lotus, 1.2m high, 5 0.6m high masters sit around listening to the sermons and teachings of the Buddha carved in stone.

Elephants and monkeys offer flowers to the Buddha: images of animals inspired by the Buddha’s teachings should offer thanks.

Reclining Buddha statue: facing to the West, placed on a pedestal 4.2m high, Buddha body (width) 2.4m high, 12.2m long, below the statue there are 9 bhikkhus with respectfully clasped hands, through which the shows the image of the Buddha entering Nirvana and the surrounding disciples.

How to move to Shakyamuni Buddha

Standing tall Buddha (Photo @quachngocdiem)

Located quite close to the center of Vung Tau city, the road is wide, flat, easy to go, so you can completely come here by motorbike along Le Loi street and turn to Tran Phu, find the address 608 to come. place. If you depart from Vung Tau Front Beach , you will go along Tran Phu street, go through Da wharf, Dinh wharf and Dau beach to reach the temple.

Some notes when visiting Shakyamuni Buddha

– When entering the Thich Ca Phat Dai spiritual area, visitors need to pay attention to their costumes such as: dress should be neat, polite, do not wear colorful, flashy, revealing clothes, skirts have not reached the knee. , shorts or tank tops …

– As a pure place, visitors are not allowed to speak loudly, say vulgar words or laugh, affecting the atmosphere of the temple.

– During the Buddhist ceremony, you must take off your hat, mask, gloves …, while entering the house, you must remove your shoes.

– Do not take pictures arbitrarily without the permission of the temple.

– Do not burn too much gold, incense and banknotes because it will easily cause fire, explosion and environmental pollution.

If you are a follower of spirituality and love unique architectures, Thich Ca Phat Dai in Vung Tau is a destination that you cannot miss!

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